What are the most common skills required to be a Teaching Aides & Special Needs? The most common skills required for a Teaching Aides & Special Needs are:
Training Hygiene APIs Data Processing Lifting Testing First Aid Training Planning Teaching Education Confidentiality Program Support Edge ASON Technical Ning Activiti Membership Special Education Maintenance REST NIST Iron FICA Records Performing Personal Care Adaptive Equipment Learning Environment
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These skills are most commonly found in Teaching Aides & Special Needs job advertisements and position descriptions.

Last updated July 20 2020
How many years does it take to become a 教師助手?
Most candidates undertake an average of 0 years 教育培訓 prior to being appointed as a 教師助手.
Average 教育培訓 required to become a 教師助手
Last updated October 28 2020
Most candidates have on average 5 years working experience prior to becoming a 教師助手.
Average 教育培訓 required to become a 教師助手
Last updated October 28 2020
Where are Education & Training in Hong Kong sourced from?
Education & Training are sourced from
these companies
FICC Sales - Daiwa Capital Markets HK
Global Institutional Sales
Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Yongxing School
Education & Training are sourced in Hong Kong are most likely to be sourced from these schools
Hong Kong Shue Yan Univerity
Hong Kong Shue Yan University
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The University of Hong Kong
Last updated October 28 2020
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